Monday, January 17, 2011

Of Cirque, Vespertine, Le Style & French Clowns

Heya!  What a fantastic weekend and wonderful day I'm havin'!  My life is sweet, Emily is amazing & my family rocketh verily!  Awww Yaaaa!

My GF got me tickets to see Cirque du Soleil's Alegria for Christmas!!  (That's the amazing part!) The show was last Saturday in Colorado Springs and it was spectacular.  I'll hit you with the highlights: Band = awesome, Hula Hoop Girl = tall & flexible, Trampoline Act = Filet McGroovy, Bungee Cord Guy = meh, Mongolian Contortion Twins = mesmerizing and kinda creepy, Clowns = funny and talented.  If you have the chance to see any Cirque show anywhere, you should go.  I mean it!  GO, dammit.  Don't make me come over there...

Speaking of clowns... I had one of those performance dreams that night.  (insert sexual reference joke here)  I dreamt I was auditioning for Cirque to be a clown specializing in pantomime.  So there I was in a big room filled with french clowns and they're all staring at me as I go through my routine.  I say "routine" as if I had a plan... I will clarify.  I did not.  I was winging it.  Because they were french clowns, they couldn't speak so they all gave me disapproving looks.  The look that said, "I would hate you but you suck so much that I can't be bothered to actually have an emotion for you aside from pity."  I laughed myself awake.  Even now thinking back to it, it's still cracking me up.  :)

I made a new Steampunk friend on the interwebz and her name is Vespertine Nova Lark.  She's a wonderful artist from Detroit that makes spectacular jewelry!  Each piece is unique and Ves herself is one of the coolest people you'll ever meet... just sayin'.  You should visit her blog and read about all of the steampunk goodness goin' on in Michigan.  After that take a stroll through her shop and weep openly at the beauty displayed there.  I am still something of a newbie when it comes to the Steampunk genre - Ves and many of her compatriots have welcomed me in with open arms!

OK - last but not least I got to work on an ad for a brand new project called, Le Style Magazine.  It's an interactive, Anchorage-based lesbian fashion magazine printed bimonthly with a web-based counterpart.  It looks like a neat project and I know it'll be successful because Camden Yehle is super talented.  Go here to get more details and in the meantime... here's the ad I finished today: (Click it to see the larger version)

Bit of a long post today.  Thanks for hanging out while I rambled like I did last night at Bruce & Beth Telford's dinner party.  They were very kind... or rather polite... or rather... tolerant.  lol.  Anyways - I'm out and I pray that none of you get visited by apathetic french clowns anytime soon.

- Chaz -
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