Saturday, January 22, 2011

Of Postponed Gigs, Quests, True Names and Happy Discoveries

'Allo my peeps!  It's been a few days since my last post but I've been drawing like a dervish all week and now I have stuff to share with you.

First off, the faerie convention Mysticon was postponed, which is a drag.  Pandora Celtica (my awesome band) was to perform but the director of the Con had to get emergency surgery.  He probably flew too close to the Balrog again and got his wings singed... again.  *sigh* I'll keep you posted on the rescheduled date, but in the meantime I'm keeping positive thoughts on his swift recovery!  (Rubiee says glitter fixes everything.)

Speaking of Rubiee... she's the soprano in my band and not only is she an amazing singer, but she has an extremely cool blog.  She also does some pretty amazing artwork her own self - you should check out her shop called, Silver Faerie Designs!

So I was on a quest yesterday, my friends!  I was searching around to buy this video called, "Alphonse Mucha, Art Nouveau Visionary".  (I am a HUGE fan of Alphonse Mucha and his work influences my art almost completely.)  I was having absolutely no luck, although I did manage to find the whole hour-long documentary on YouTube, which can be counted as a partial victory.  Apparently this video was made in Germany and there is no American distribution yet.  *siiiigh* 

During my search I sent emails and commented on many blogs to try to find this elusive DVD.  Maelle Jayet responded with a couple of helpful hints (Thank you, Maelle!)  and I discovered her AMAZING blog called, Color Me Mucha.  It's all about, you guessed it, Alphonse Mucha!!!  Woo Hooooooo!  She features not only Mucha's work but the work of other super talented artists who are inspired by him and the Art Nouveau movement as a whole.  A very happy discovery!

So as a quick side note - I've been referring to my beloved by both Emily and Nessa.  Emily is her birth name but I and those in the band prefer to call her Nessa, which she likes.  So since I thoroughly enjoy making her happy, she'll be known as Nessa from now on in my future scribblings.  :)

OK - I'm going to leave you with a couple of my recent line drawings for the upcoming Gaslight Underground Project. The first is Agnes & the second girl is Grace.  (Click on them to get the full-sized version)

So until next time, please check out a super wonderful site called The Steampunk Empire!!  The people there are extremely cool and it will make all of your gear-driven fantasies a reality!  I've heard that the site may even cure small pox and scurvy...  I'm also going to try my hand at interviewing and featuring other artists in upcoming posts so stay tuned!

- Chaz -
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  1. Thanks for the plugs, ShadowCat! I actually have two shops ;)
    I have Faerie Garden Lampwork
    and Shadow Grove Market

    I love reading your bloggings :D

  2. No prob, Rubiee! We artists have to stick together. Thanks for the info update and I'll be sure to visit both shops often!