Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To Norm... A Good Man

A bit of a shocker today.  My friend Norm passed away today.  

I met him while I worked and played at the Colorado Renaissance Faire.  He was a very cool person - a true viking prince.  He always tried very hard to stay positive and he treated people with kindness, compassion and love.  He was a marine, he worked hard and he played harder.

I can't really say much more than that.  I never really got to know him very well, yet his passing made an impact on me and many others who knew him better. A friend of mine put it very nicely when she said that he will not be going to Hel... he'll be fighting the great battle in Valhalla.  He was a valiant warrior, a boon companion and a noble-hearted soul.

To sum it up, he was a good man.  Norman David Morris, you will be missed.

- Chaz

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  1. I was so shocked when I saw that too... It was a sad day indeed :(

  2. Me too! It seemed very, very sudden and the world is a bit darker without him in it.